Hello. My name is Breigh Bellavance.

I am the latest addition to the Inkery family and I am looking forward to this amazing adventure in my career. 
I will be offering micro-blading, permanent make up including brows, liner and lips and I also am very found of "stick and poke" tattooing which I will be offering as well. 
I am newly certified so I will be breaking into the permanent make up slowly for now.

I am also the new manager/new face of The Inkery London as of mid August 2017. 
It has become quite the busy studio and I can help these fine artist's do their thing. 

As clients you will be able to reach me for any concerns, questions, bookings, complaints and yes all the praise :) etc. and so forth.
So until mid August I anxiously await to meet each and everyone of the fantastic folks that support and have supported The Inkery!!!!

Breigh has moved on to Toronto to join the amazing team at Benefit Canada.  We wish her all the best in life and all its wonders.

You can follow Breigh on Instagram below