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The Inkery Tattoo London is located in Old East Village, London, Ontario.  CANADA . 

Opened the original studio in 2014 by Joseph Higgin, this studio has thrived extremely well and has been an amazing experience since day one.  By having a vast amount of artist's come to visit and work here we can offer an array of services that are always changing and are always  adapting to the current personnel's abilities.

These services include piercing, hand poked tattoo's, micro blading, tooth gemming to name a few.  These services are not always available, so for an updated list of services or inquires, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Inkery Tattoo London converted from a fully open street studio to a fully private tattoo studio in January 2021 after the changes that were created by the COVID19.

All sessions are by appointment only and the door is always locked.  If we are not expecting you, we apologize we will not be able to service you.

The Inkery Tattoo's involvement in charity events and fundraising is a huge part of what The Inkery is all about.  We have been part of raising multiple millions of dollars for charity.  Mostly focused on mental health concerns.

We have some new swag for 2021, so please check that out here.

Tattoo Sketches
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