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You got questions?  We got answers!



The Inkery Tattoo meets and exceeds all Ontario Health Board standards. All of our staff are
knowledgeable in sterilization and cross contamination prevention, and takes great care to adhere to the required practices. Brand new pre-sterilized needles are used for each tattoo application, and both needles and needle bar are disposed of thereafter in sharps containers.

All sharps are picked up regularly and incinerated by a professional medical waste

disposal company (Rexall, Shoppers).

Tattoo tubes and non-disposable equipment are logged and processed through a steam autoclave that is spore tested bi-monthly via Messa Corporation’s BSAFE sterilizer monitoring program.

These results are available to the client upon request. Barriers are used on all applicable surfaces and on all equipment to prevent any cross contamination.

 All staff are fully trained and certified in current up to date COVID19 protocols, air borne pathogens and cross contamination compliances.


Yes, you can book your tattoo appointment over the phone. 

However, we will require a deposit before confirmation.

This is a private fully custom tattoo studio.  You must have a full consultation first.

Consultation appointments are free and may be booked over the phone.

Tattoo appointments may only be booked over the phone if you have a standing deposit with The Inkery Tattoo. Deposits are a MINIMUM of $100 dollars cash, debit, and e-transfers and are taken off at the end of a consultation appointment and applied to the final sitting costs of your tattoo.

We do not accept credit card as a method of payment for deposits, although you
may pay for your tattoo with Cash, Debit, Gift Certificates, Visa and Mastercard on-site.

Requested deposit amounts will increase with larger work.


You can book a consultation with these platforms, but appointments are all booked via email.

Your actual tattoo appointment will be booked during your consultation. 

We are a private Studio, no just walk in access is provided.  

90% of the conversations, contacts, design showings or concerns will be online. 

The only time anyone will be physically be in the studio is during your consultation and your appointment time to get tattooed.


No. There are no exceptions.  Please don't ask.


Yes.  100%.  We are a fully custom private studio, which means we like to work with you to create something meaningful and unique. If you would like to bring your own design that is also fine, however, please be open to the possibility that some designs need to be adjusted to work effectively.

Consultations up to 30 minutes or so and  are free. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to meet your artist, see the studio and ask any questions you may have.


A consultation is an appointment booked with a tattoo artist or the studio assistant.

Consults are booked either at the beginning or at the end of the day

and usually run no longer than half an hour or so.

It is requested that you bring a hard copy of any reference materials that you would like your tattoo artist to use as a source for your tattoo, send images to the email, or have it on your personal devices like your phone so that he or she might have a better understanding

of the direction you would like to take your idea. Please feel free to ask the tattoo artist for
any advice on your design…remember, they are professionals and can offer a specialized opinion and suggestions of what will work, and what might not be tattoo-able!

Your consultation is an intimate experience and a great opportunity to get familiar with your artist and your artist with you.  We take it very personal and ask that you respect the fact that this is all about you are what your needs are. 

Please come alone, or bring one friend if it makes you feel comfortable, sometimes another opinion can help.


We do not have Gift Cards at this time. 

We do sell Gift Certificates for any amount and they NEVER expire.


Our tattoo design or artwork is an investment in a future appointment.

We ask that you respect the fact that when we produce artwork for you,

you are entering into a business agreement. With all custom drawings, we request a $100 minimum deposit towards your tattoo appointment.  We ask for this during your consultation. 

This deposit will be taken off the final price when you get work done on your tattoo.
Without a scheduled tattoo appointment, artwork is charged at a rate of $50 per hour.

If you decide to proceed with the tattoo, costs incurred in the design phase will be put towards the costs of your tattoo.
Please understand that we are charging you for a service. All drawings remain the property of the studio until the tattoo is done on you.  Then at that time all the drawings, sketches and final designs might be handed to you by the artist.  Some artist's will give you the drawings while others will not.

We ask that you please fully respect the artist's decision on that.


We do our very best to call/message/email and remind you of your appointment as a courtesy.

Remembering your appointment is totally your responsibility.

There is no refunds on tattoo appointments that are missed or cancelled within 24 hours. Appointments cancelled with enough notice will be refunded, minus the artwork charges.

We fully understand life occurs and we are only humans as well.  We understand rational things.

We do not enjoy keeping deposits for missed appointments, on the contrary, but we must.

Your artist was excited, all set, able and ready to go and if you pull a no show the least they can do is have a deposit which is nothing compared to the work that went into you to get to this point. 

Be responsible, please.  Break the faith you lose your deposit.


We wish to be fully transparent when it comes to costs. 

Costs for services offered at The Inkery vary and we hope to explain this the best we can below.

It is absolutely impossible for the fellow who has been tattoo for 30+ years to equal the costs of what an apprentice might charge only tattooing a few years.

All artist's at The Inkery and guest Artist's are sub-contractors,

therefore they set their own prices/costs for their services. 

This includes materials, drawings and services.

No worries, for they all are very clear on any these issues and will discuss this with you openly

and will answer all your questions candidly.

We do have a general guideline for pricing that we artist's use as a compass based on skill, experience, location, costs and the current trend of pricing in the industry.

Here is a general idea of how we base our pricing.  Not a commitment, not a quote.

• Minimum charge ranges from $120

• Tattoos are $150.00 - $160 per hour.
• Hands, feet and anything above the collar bone are charged at $160 per hour.

Please see below for more information.
• Consultations are free up to one 1/2 hour. (30 minutes)
• Drawing/designs are free up to one 1/2 hour. (30 minutes)
• All drawing and redesigns after the initial drawings are charged at a rate of $50.00 per hour.
Please be clear about what you want before you arrive. This will allow the artist to create something
meaningful for you and save you time and money by being accurate in your design the first time.


• Clients must be at least 18 to get tattooed. ID may be required to prove age.

• Photo identification is required EACH time you get tattooed and you will be asked to fill in a

consent form.
• Make sure you eat something and are well rested before you get your tattoo.
• Clients must be sober to get a tattoo. No exceptions.
• Please make sure you arrive clean, as the artist will be touching you.
• Our studio is a private studio, not open to the general public – please let us know if more privacy is important to you, and we can arrange to tattoo you in the private room.

Obviously tattoos on more intimate body parts will be done in the private room anyway, but everyone is welcome to request more privacy.
• Because of the nature of our business, we request that no one under the age of 18 enters the
premises. This includes children including infants.
• No animals are allowed into the Studio.

(But we will always joyfully come outside to see you and  your lovely creature(s).  We love animals)
• No one is allowed into the tattoo booth during your tattoo other than staff.

We understand
that individuals may like company/support, but please understand too many people in a booth can be distracting to the tattoo artist.  We simply are not allowed.
• We do not tattoo any racist/fascist imagery or gang related tattoos. We reserve the right to refuse
service to anyone at any time for any reason.  (You can just imagine what we've been asked to do).


On body parts that move a great deal or have extra rough or extra thin skin, the healed images are less predictable than on more stable areas of the body.

Many tattoo artists refuse to tattoo these areas for this reason.

If you choose to proceed with having the following areas tattooed, you understand that the artist
cannot be held responsible for fading or uneven healing.
In addition to being charged $160.00 per hour for getting these areas tattooed, you will also be required to sign a form, indicating that we have explained, and that you understand the risks.

The form will be available upon your consultation.
Areas that will be charged a higher rate to tattoo:
• Wrist and hand, including fingers
• Ankle and foot, including toes
• Neck and head, from the clavicles up


Because tattoos are on living bodies and bodies are diverse, sometimes a line will fade a bit in the healing process.

Touch-ups are free within six months of getting the tattoo. Please call the studio to arrange an
appointment to touch-up your tattoo if necessary.

These appointments are quick and can usually be fit into your schedule.

You can mitigate fading with proper care of your tattoo while it is healing.

Please read the aftercare instructions you are given at the time of your appointment,

and call us if you have any questions.
Please note: everything ages and tattoos are no exception. You can protect your tattoos the same way you protect your skin from aging: cover or use sunscreen, moisturize, eat well, etc.
Touch-ups are NOT:
• A fix for poor practices during the healing phase like drinking, picking, swimming or fading due to
lifestyle such as heavy duty work, playing with children, etc.
• An on-going service to keep your tattoo looking “fresh”
We want you to be happy with your tattoo, and we stand behind our work. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any concerns with your tattoo and how touch ups work at The Inkery.

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